I understand that this is a routine application to establish credit, character, employment, and rental history. I also understand that this is NOT an agreement to rent and that all applications must be approved. I authorize verification of references given. I declare that the statements above are true and correct, and I agree that the landlord may terminate my agreement entered into in reliance on any misstatement made above.

We hereby deposit with owner/agent the sum of $500.00 as a holding deposit and $50 as a non-refundable application fee, on the premises listed above. We understand that the holding deposit will be retained by the management if this application is approved and I am unable to fulfill the conditions of occupancy. We acknowledge that the Landlord will suffer damages as a result of the processing of this application and holding the specified unit off the market. The holding deposit will be returned if this application is not approved, providing that all the above questions are answered correctly and truthfully. The purpose of the holding deposit is to hold the rental unit for the named applicant(s) on the date specified. This holding deposit is not refundable if the applicant should change his/her mind about taking occupancy or the applicant is unable to take occupancy because of personal, business or financial reasons. It is not refundable in the event of changes in academic eligibility or enrollment status. If parental guarantees or co-signers are required, these must be furnished to Kwapich Real Estate Companies prior to applicant taking occupancy. The holding deposit will not be refunded in the event of inability to obtain parental guarantees or co-signer. Kwapich Real Estate Companies reserves the right to verify all information contained in the application, and to refuse to rent to applicants providing false information. If false information is discovered, the holding deposit will be retained and applicant notified that their application is terminated. Upon execution of the lease agreement $150.00 will be applied to a nonrefundable administrative/common area fee and the remaining balance of holding deposit will be applied towards the security deposit under the lease.

Applicant authorizes any person or company to supply Kwapich Real Estate Companies with any information required and to process a credit and background check. Applicant further authorizes Kwapich Real Estate Companies to verify current and past Landlord references and employment verification with current or previous employer. Applicant authorizes current and former Landlord and current and former employers to release any/all information relating to our verification process.